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Our Divisions / Field Offices /Extension Centres

The SIRD has got two campuses having capacity for 250 participants at a time. Each campus has got at least 5 training cum conference halls in each. Besides the two campuses of Head Office the SIRD has got 12 Extension Centres in different zones. The infrastructure and network of the SIRD are as given below: Present Status:

Training Network

  • 2 (Two) campuses having capacity for 250 participants at a time.
  • 12 (twelve) Extension Centres having capacity for 60 participants in each.
  • Resource Centre in IT & Skill Development is setup and functioning.
  • Satellite Hub with 15 SITs are functioning.
  • 20 Resource Centres setup under BRGF.
  • 2 (two) Extension Centres are being upgraded as Regional Centres.
  • 7 Handloom Common Facility Centres. 4(four) more Common Facility Centres under construction.
  • 12 Computer Training Centres setup at district level
Extension CentresName & DesignationContact No
KahikuchiMr. N. Saikia, Principal9957568081
JorhatShri B.K. Baruah, Principal9435090238
JoysagarSri B.K.Das, Officer i/c9435057578
HailakandiSri Sanjib Sinha, Officer i/c9401237841
Amoni, NagaonShri Achyut Akash Bora Officer i/c9954021035
NalbariShri A.J.Das, Officer i/c9435111509
Biswanath CharialiMs. Ritamoni Phukan Buragohain, Officer i/c9435183989
SaraighatSri Anupam Dutta, Officer i/c9435018230
DibrugarhSri Taznur Hussain, Officer i/c9435199823
KajalgaonDr. J. Bhuyan, Officer i/c9854027625
ChauldhuaghatSri Debobrata Bhagawati, Officer i/c8011524295
AbhayapuriDr. Ataur Rahman, Officer i/c8471844511