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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development State Institute of Panchayat and Rural Development (SIPRD)

GPDP Mission Mode

  • PREPARATION OF AMAR GAON AMAR ACHONI IN MISSION MODE. Date : 12th May’ 2017 to 12th June’ 2017

    It has been decided by the State Government to undertake the preparation of AMAR GAON AMAR ACHONI (Gaon Panchayat Development Plan) in mission mode from 12th May’ 2017 to 12th June’ 2017. Plan preparation process will also cover VCDCs and VDCs. GPDP process will be undertaken simultaneously by all the Gaon Panchayats, VCDCs and VDCs of the state during that period.

    All the 14 steps as mentioned herein below will have to be undertaken in a sequence. Field level exercises upto ward sabhas will be conducted in each of the 10 wards of each of the Gaon Panchayat. Draft Status Report of each ward will be consolidated into Gaon Panchayat level Status Report which will be converted into Gaon Panchayat Development Plan to be finally prioritized and approved by Gaon Panchayat level Gram Sabha.

    VCDCs and VDCs in Council areas will hold the participatory exercises and Gram Sabhas maintaining the same time period. Thrust of the plan will be to select sufficient house hold based and community based schemes to be taken up in MGNREGA. Gaon Panchayat will also select schemes in this participatory process for implementation under Finance Commission Grants.

    For more information on Amar Gaon Amar Achoni(Gaon Panchayat Development Plan).Read Here