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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development State Institute of Panchayat and Rural Development (SIPRD)

Satellite Based Training

Assam Edusat Network, SIPRD, Assam

The Satellite HUB of SIPRD is located in its 2nd campus at Kahikuchi,NearAirport and has 16 Satellite Interactive Terminals located at the Extension centres across the State. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)'s Development of Educational and Communication Unit (DECU), Ahmedabad is the nodal agency and provides the Satellite link and bandwidth.North-Eastern Space Application Centre (NESAC), Umiam, Meghalaya is looking after the maintenance of the HUB and SITS in the entire North Eastern States.

The Assam Network till date has organized 265 nos of programmes and has covered 46764 nos of participants.

SIPRD Assam has a dedicated team working under the guidance of the Director Shri Khageswar Pegu, ACS. Shri Anupam Dutta is the State coordinator of Assam Tele Education Network and Senior Faculty Member of SIPRD Assam. Shri Anupam Dutta has been associated with the network since its inception in 2010.The HUB is looked after and programmes are executed by Er. Udeepta Raj Brahma, HUB Engineer, SIPRD Assam.Other Technical team member includes Mr. Apujyoti Nath, Programme Assistant, Mr. Dibash Medhi and Mr. Karendra Das, Technical consultant, Alpha Design Pvt Ltd.


The EDUSAT was configured to meet India’s growing demand for distance education using audio-visual medium and employing Direct-to-home type direct satellite broadcasting with interactive Class-room capabilities. The EDUSAT Utilisation Program was envisioned in a manner as to create state-wise SATCOM networks for the eight North Eastern states disseminating quality education programmes for different levels of the academia. Based on the hub networking topology, the NER EDUSAT network has its hub suitably placed somewhere in the state capital with the remote ends (SITs & ROTs) housed in some identified primary and higher secondary level schools, colleges.

The hub has one Studio facility from where content is to be generated by experts and then unicasted or multicasted to the targeted recipients. The EDUSAT has multiple regional beams covering different parts of India - 5 Ku-band transponders with spot beams covering Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western and the North-eastern regions of the country, one Ku-band transponder (National beam) with its footprint covering the Indian mainland region and six Ext. C-band transponders with their footprints covering the entire country.


  • The Hub-station: Terrestrial hubs are used to link to and from terminals and convey services like virtual classroom. The standard used is called Digital Video Broadcasting, Return Channel via satellite (DVB-RCS). The DVB-RCS is a system that allows two-way communication between the Satellite Interactive Terminals (SITs) installed at customer's sites via the hub. The DVB-RCS system operates as a Star configuration, thus its central station is called the "Hub." This station implements the forward link via a conventional DVB-S chain (similar to digital TV broadcasting) while the return link is implemented using the DVB-RCS standard. The Hub consists of microwave equipment for the transmission and reception of signals and a control centre for managing network traffic. This station also hosts interfacing equipment supporting a wide range of terrestrial interfaces. An important Hub function is to map the traffic of all remote terminals belonging to each user group.
  • The Teaching End:Also called as the Expert Node, the Teaching End is the place where the contents (subject/topic wise) are created by experts and delivered in a time-scheduled manner using preinstalled third-party software.
  • The Student End:The student end consists of the Receive-only Terminals (ROTs) and the Satellite Interactive terminals (SITs) also called the Return Channel Satellite Terminals (RCSTs). Students/ targeted user group can receive the contents transmitted and even interact with the experts at the teaching end directly (facility available in SITs only) using a preinstalled software.
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