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Training, Exposure Visits and Collaborations

  • Training on social mobilization in the field

    The institute has taken steps to organize training programmes on social mobilization for strengthening Gram Sabha for diferrent stakeholders in the field. Focus is on making people aware about the flagship programmes and peoples role in the Gram Sabhas. Effort is on to develop a team of animators and facilitators for mobilizing rural people through awareness programmes. Social workers, representatives of NGOs, CBOs, selected members of SHGs, youth, Rtd. Teachers are trained up for nthe purpose. Remote areas have been covered through the Extension Centres of the SIPRD. Leaflets on rural development programmes in local lunguages are distributed for better understanding and awareness.

    1. Study and Exposure visits for elected representatives and functionaries of PRIs

    SIPRD organised exposure visits for the elected representatives of PRIs and other functionaries and Faculties to Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. The institute proposes to send more batches on exposure visits in the subsequent years so that they can interact with their counterparts in other states on various aspects relating to decentralized planning and panchayati raj. During the current financial year, the SIPRD proposed to send elected representatives to Kerala, Gujrat, Punjab, Haryana and West Bengal. Linkages have been established with KILA, Anand Agriculture University, SIPRD, Punjab, Haryana and West Bengal. The institute has deputed 616 farmers during 2010-2011 against the sanctioned fund of 2009-2010. the institute has arrangement to continue the process in the year 2011-2012. Being a constitutes process, the institute has developed a strategy in association with some selected institutes outside the state for the educational tours and exposure visits of the farmers.

    2. Training under Panchayat Mahila evam Yuva Shati Abhiyan

    SIPRD, Assam has been organizing the training programmes for the elected representatives of PRIs in different subject specific rounds. Training programmes under Panchayat Mahila evam Yuva Shati Abhiyan have become an additional round of training for the women and youth representatives of the panchayats. From April’ 2010 to March’ 2011, the institute has organised 180 courses covering 6383 participants.

    3. Tie up with selected institutes

    To continue the process of sending farmers outside the state for educational tours and exposure visits, the SIPRD, Assam has eastablished linkages and has made arrangement with the following specialized institutions situated in different parts of the country. Institutions have been selected based on the major farming activities in which farmers of our state are involved but not exposure for upgradation or upscaling of their activities both qualitatively and quantitatively.

    • University of Agriculture Sciences, Bangalore
    • National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad
    • Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa, New Delhi
    • Central Poultry Development Organization and Training Institute,
    • Hessaraghata, Bangalore, Karnataka
    • National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana
    • Central institute of Post Harvest Engineering & Technology, Ludhian.

    4. Tie up with UNICEF and OIL

    Tie up with UNICEF for organising training on women empowerment, sanitation, drinking water etc.

    Tie up with Oil India Ltd. under corporate social responsibility for providing self employment to youth, livelihood promotion among poor families, skill training, computer literacyin school, adult education literacy.

    Under the Lab to land initiative of Mininstry of Rural Development, Government of India, Dimoria development Block has been selected for the initiative. The institute has already undertaken the base line survey. The institute has started the process for imparting training to development functionaries, elected representatives of PRIs, representatives of NGOs, CBOs, handholding training for computer data entry operators, accounts staff, Secretaries of GPs. Process for selecting and enrolling and training Bharat Nirman Volunteer has been continuing. The institute has also proposes to organize massive awareness programmes in the blocks on various flagship programmes.

    Instead of remaining confined to only class room based training programmes, the SIPRD, Assam embarked upon the challenging task of mobilizing rural people into SHGs and JLGs for providing avenues on livelihoods and self employement through capacity building of rural people on technical and managerial skill and facilitating transfer of required technology in the field. A large number of micro enterprises belonging to different sectors have come up in different parts of the state under the projects implemented by the institute