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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development State Institute of Panchayat and Rural Development (SIPRD)


  • Self Employment of the Surrendered Militants of the State (Swabalamban)

    The Swabalamban scheme is one of the major schemes launched by the present Assam Government for Self Employment of the Surrendered Militants of the State. The scheme is to be implemented by the Home Department in association with State Institute of Panchayat and Rural Development, Assam. State Bank of India, UBI and Assam Gramin Vikas Bank have agreed to offer the subsidized loan to the beneficiaries to start their self employment avenue. The assisted beneficiaries can take up different activities in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors according to their own choice.

    The scheme was inaugurated at the SIPRD complex at Kahikuchi on 24th March. The training will be provided by SIPRD on various skills like organic farming, pisciculture, electricity work, DTP etc. The entire batch will be given training in phases. After the completion of the training , bank linkages will be facilitated by SIPRD for their livelihood. The programme was attended by Sri MGVK Bhanu, Additional Chief Secretary,Panchayat and Rural Development, Sri MukeshSahai, Director General of Police, Sri PallabBhattacharjya, ADGP, SB, Smt. T. Y. Das, Additional Chief Secretary, Home Department, Sri HemantaNarzary, Principal Home Secreatary, Government of Assam, Sri A. M. M. Zakir, Director, SIPRD besides senior officials and staff of State Government and SIPRD

    Objective of Swabalamban

    The objective is to motivate the surrendered militants for taking up self employment activities. The aim of the scheme is to provide self employment to 1800 surrendered militants based on their choice and viability during the year 2017-18.

    SIPRD proposes to assist the 1800 beneficiaries under Swabalamban during 2017-18 for employment generation by undertaking productive income generation activities in agriculture, animal husbandry, handlooms, handicrafts, Small business, and Rural Transport and Skill development through extension service. The 1800 beneficiaries are proposed to be assisted through Bank loan and Govt Subsidy individually depending upon the field situation, conditions and activities.

    Importance will be given to skill Development in Service sector to enable the unemployed youth to act as service providers and take up employment generation activities in more profitable way.

    Swabalamban will ensure the capacity building process to motivate the surrendered militants to set up their own business or unit with an aim to earn. The income level will rise to ensure a better future for the ex militants and their families. They will be able to provide proper facilities to their respective families. They will start enjoying better social and economical status.

    Project components at a glance

    Component Type Coverage
    Training Management,Capacity Building,Skill Development 1800 beneficiaries
    Subsidy/Loan Individual, Two and Four Members Group. 1800 beneficiaries
    Technical assistance and Guidance Sustainable Management,Transfer of Technology,Marketing Promotion 1800 beneficiaries
    Monitoring and evaluation Regular Monitoring and evaluation of Loan Disbursement and repayment status. 1800 beneficiaries

    Selection Process

    The Home Department, Govt. of Assam, through the Additional Director General of Police (SB), Assam will identify the beneficiaries who are the Surrender of Operations / Surrendered Cadres for the Swabalamban project. The list of surrendered militants to be trained and assisted will be finalized by ADGP (SB) and finally handed over to SIPRD for training and loan process. For the year 2017-18 a total of 1800 beneficiaries will be selected. They will be trained and then credit linked in their selected activities. SIPRD will map the activities on which Skill Development trainings for the Surrender of Operations/ surrendered Cadres. SIPRD will make the planning for training and then sent the loan proposals for the trainees to the Concerned Banks for sponsoring loans in their selected activities. The final selection of beneficiaries as well as their activities will be done through proper Orientation Programmes in presence of the officials of Assam police in a decentralized manner at the Extension Centres of SIPRD. The Skill Development and upgradation trainings will be conducted by the concerned Extension Centres for the beneficiaries of the districts covered by each centre. The duration of skill trainings will vary from 10 days to 25 days as per the requirement of the selected activities. SIPRD will coordinate and take expertise from other state or national level institutes to ensure the quality of the training Programmes.

    Target Group

    The Surrender of Operations /Surrendered Cadres from urban, semi urban and rural areas of Assam, of any age group of any educational qualification are eligible for assistance under the scheme. The home department will prepare the list of beneficiaries who are to be assisted under the project. For the financial year 2017-18, 1800 beneficiaries will be the target. They will be orientation, trained and motivated to take up their desired activity and become self-employed through bank loan. Individually or groups of 2 and 4 members as per the concept of Joint Liability Swabalamban Group will be eligible for loans under Swabalamban project. They will take up different activities as permissible under the project. Government assistance in the form of 50,000/- per head as margin money or subsidy against bank loan will be given to the selected beneficiaries which will be applicable to both the individual or group approaches.

    Nature of Assistance under Swabalamban

    Type of Bank Loan Activities which can be selected Subsidy amount applicable Project cost of that activity
    Individual Small Business, Rural Transport, Power tiller, Handlooms and Handicrafts. Rs 50,000/- Rs 1,00,000/- to Rs 2,00,000/-
    Two Member Group Small Business, Rural Transport, Power tiller, Handlooms and Handicrafts, Farm Sector both Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Rs 1,00,000/- Rs 2,00,000/- to Rs 3,00,000/-
    Four Member Group Farm Sector- both Agriculture and Animal husbandry, Tractor etc. Rs 2,00,000/- Rs 5,00,000/-


    Capacity building and training – training programmes on skill development and management development for different activities will be organised by SIPRD at the Resource Centre in IT & Skill Development,Kahikuchi and the Extension Centres of SIPRD located in different districts of the state of Assam.


    Joint field visits for monitoring purpose will be made by SIPRD officials along with bank officials. Project assistants under Swabalamban will continuously monitor the progress the loans and how the utilization is done. Frequent visits will ensure the proper management of the unit. The timely repayment of loan will have to be ensured.